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Please select the service level that most CLOSELY MATCHES your requirements: All agents offer slightly different property management packages to landlords, so select the level that is closest to your requirements. Here are some guidelines as to what to each property management service level typically contains:

Tenant Find

  • Rental evaluation of your property
  • Advertising of your property
  • Arrange viewings for potential tenants
  • Find a tenant
  • Check suitability of tenant

Tenant Find and Rent Collection

All that is included in Tenant Find with additional:

  • Collection of tenant deposit
  • Collection of rent from tenant

Full Management

All that is included in Tenant Find, and Tenant Find and Rent Collection packages with additional:

  • Agency is 1st point of contact for tenants throughout their tenancy
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Property inspections
  • Property maintenance


We take the address of the property being sold or let so that we can match your particular property with 4 agents that have the best track record of selling or letting similar properties.

By taking the address we can also check whether an agent has already dealt with the property in question and stop users contacting the same agent twice by mistake.

Taking the property's address when a rating is being left also allows us to check the validity of each rating and stop duplicate ratings. Genuine ratings on Which Property Agent mean a more accurate standard of search result delivered to you, the landlord or vendor, when searching for the best agent for your property.

Data Protection:

We do not pass your information onto any agents or third parties without your consent. Your property's information is only passed to the agent(s) that you later choose to contact.

Your property's information, and the rating itself are NOT available to view anywhere on our site, or on the Internet. Search engines cannot see details of this rating or this property. We only ask for this information for the our own internal usage.


We match together properties and agents:

Watch our video to find out how we do what we do, or read the summary below:

We select agents that have a proven track record of selling/letting the same property type, in the same postcode, as your property(s). Agents who scored consistently well in independent user ratings for the following criteria:

1. Price achieved for sale or let of previous properties
2. Time taken to sell or rent previous properties
3. Fees charged
4. Quality of staff / customer service
5. Knowledge of local market
6. Quality of Tenants (letting agents only)

Each rating criteria is differently weighted, giving more importance to certain factors based on market research. For example "Price achieved for sale or let of previous properties" is more important than "Knowledge of local market" so it is weighted higher.

Ratings for relevant property types also influence search results so that the user is presented with the best agents for their particular property. Agents with the best track record of selling property like yours are rewarded.

Accredited body membership and looking after deposits:

Being a member of one of the following accredited bodies also helps as it indicates that the agent strives to provide high standards of service: Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, National Association of Estate Agents, Association of Residential Letting Agents, National Approved Lettings Scheme, Safeagent and The Property Ombudsman.

Safeagent membership ensures agents adhere to the necessary guidelines regarding protecting deposits.

How we ensure that the independent user ratings left for agents are genuine:

1. IP addresses and email addresses of the people leaving a rating are recorded and tracked so suspicious usage patterns can be flagged by our system, investigated and the rating removed if needs be.
Any customer reviews left by an IP address matching the branch IP address is investigated.
Contact details are recorded for anyone leaving a rating, so if found to be fraudulent they can be reprimanded.
This stops agents leaving themselves fake positive ratings.

2. Every time an agent is rated they are notified by email. They are informed of the address of the property they have been rated for and year of transaction, but they do not know the score at this point. This is so that they can confirm or deny that they have dealt with the property transaction in question. This stops competitor agents leaving fake ratings.

3. The most important security measure is our verified rating: A rating is "verified" when it is left for an agent by a landlord or vendor who has used our site to contact that agent; as we can then be sure that the agent has dealt with the property transaction in question.
Our "verified" ratings carry more weight in our algorithm, making it increasingly difficult for agents without high "verified" ratings to appear in the top four results; so even if fake positive ratings have slipped our other security checks, over time those dishonest agents become obsolete in our results.

Which Property Agent rewards agents who provide our users with a consistently high standard of service.

Property owners, find which 4 agents have the best track record of selling and letting properties like yours:

1. Enter the details of the property you want to sell or let into the search tool.

2. We compare estate agents & letting agents, & show the 4 agents who have sucessfully let out or sold property similar to yours, in your area.

3. You contact only the best agents to sell or let your your property.


Watch our video on how Which Property Agent works:

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