How to Increase the Value of Your Home and Secure a Quick Sale

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home and Secure a Quick Sale

When it comes to selling your home, most people have two primary aims: to achieve the highest price possible, and to obtain a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, circumstances often dictate that the latter must take precedence over the former, and when money is tight, the balancing act between the two can become distinctly unsteady.

The important thing is to be realistic. Although your key objective will add excess time pressure to the equation, a quick sale can actually be profitable in and of itself. Indeed, an efficient turnaround is likely to significantly lower the costs associated with selling your home, and it is still possible to obtain a fair price for your property.  

To help you weight the scales in your favour, we've developed a handy how to guide to aid you...

Step One: Price Your Property Realistically

When it comes to securing a sale, one of the most common mistakes that sellers make is to overprice their property. The theory behind this is that it will help them to achieve a greater profit overall, but the truth is that it often has the opposite effect. Valuing your home unrealistically is less likely to leave some wriggle room for negotiations than it is to make potential purchasers discount your property out of hand. If you want buyers to take your sale seriously, then show them that you mean business by asking for the amount that you actually want. You don't have to knock any more money off this figure unless you choose to, but you do need to attract interested parties in the first place.

Step Two: Turn Your Home Into a Blank Canvas

Another trick to help your cause is to make your property into the blank canvas that most purchasers are looking for. If you want to attract prospective buyers that will be willing to move into your property quickly, then you need to make it clear that you're ready to do business. Invest in some tins of magnolia paint, replace your coloured carpets with bare boards or a neutral alternative, and buy some pastel coloured accessories to complete the effect. If you can make your home impersonal and ready to move into, you're much more likely to achieve an instant sale and the sum that you want.

Step Three: Approach a Quick Sale Specialist

Sadly, a private buyer is never guaranteed, no matter how well you play the selling game. The two methods mentioned above are the best and most reliable ways to up your chances of achieving the turnaround that you need, but when they don't work, you have to look at other alternatives. If you need a guaranteed buyer, then a specialist quick sale company like Quick Move Now might be the answer that you're searching for. Although they will offer you less than a traditional purchaser, they'll cut your costs, keep negotiations quick and clean, and deliver the sale that you so badly need.     

How to Increase the Value of Your Home and Secure a Quick Sale

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