Four ways landlords can make their properties more environmentally friendly

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Four ways landlords can make their properties more environmentally friendly

A happy landlord is one that receives their rent on time and has tenants who care for their home. There are, however, certain responsibilities that come with renting accommodation and one of them is to make sure that the property is in a good condition. This includes being energy efficient and environmentally friendly - nobody wants to rent a home that leaks heat and is costly to run! Ensuring that the houses or flats you're renting out are environmentally friendly doesn't need to cost a fortune and in fact making small improvements will help save you money in the long run. These four steps are easy to achieve but will undoubtedly have positive effects on your properties:

Switching to eco-friendly lightbulbs

This is one of the simplest solutions yet few opt to change to the more energy efficient eco-friendly lightbulbs. If your tenants purchase their own lightbulbs, it would be wise to encourage them to opt for these as a long term investment. Whereas cheaper lightbulbs expend the majority of their energy in heat, energy efficient lightbulbs ensure that the energy is used for its intended purpose - lighting the home!

Ensuring lofts are thoroughly insulated

When was the last time you checked the lofts of your rental properties? Whilst landlords undoubtedly have a never ending list of tasks and chores that they must accomplish, it is worthwhile to take some time every now and then to check the loft insulation in your properties. It's an inexpensive way to ensure that your tenants are feeling the most of the heat produced by the central heating and are kept nice and warm over the winter months.

Changing to a more efficient heating system

The older the heating system installed in a property is, the more likely it is that it is no longer energy efficient. This means that whilst your tenant is receiving costly electricity or gas bills, they are feeling little effect in their home. In landlord terms, this could mean late night or early morning desperate phone calls about a boiler breaking down! In order to ensure that this doesn't happen, it would be wise to update the heating system in the property. VeriSmart heating offers a range of affordable and environmentally friendly heating solutions that can be easily installed within a home, guaranteeing happy tenants!

Encourage your tenants to recycle

Whilst most local authorities now have enforced recycling policies, tenants tend to ignore them - especially when it comes to vacating a property. If your tenants are moving out, encourage them to recycle as much of their unwanted stuff as possible. The council will come and collect larger items for a small fee, or they may even be able to sell it on eBay. Either way, it's better than it all just ending up in a landfill!

Four ways landlords can make their properties more environmentally friendly

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