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When it comes to selling your home, most people have two primary aims: to achieve the highest price possible, and to obtain a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, circumstances often dictate that the latter must take precedence over the former, and wh
A happy landlord is one that receives their rent on time and has tenants who care for their home. There are, however, certain responsibilities that come with renting accommodation and one of them is to make sure that the property is in a good cond
As a landlord, you are running a small business, and although it may differ in many respects from service-based small businesses like plumbing and construction, the fundamental elements are the same. This is especially the case when it comes to ta
Investing in property is a popular option among people looking for secure and reliable ways to make their money work for them. Whatever might be happening more widely in the financial markets, real estate is generally considered a good investment
As a landlord, maintaining your property is imperative in order to have regular tenants and avoid any complaints or lawsuits. Appropriate and timely maintenance ensures that both you and your tenants are happy with the provision of proper and func
If you are a young family looking for an area to settle down in, then you need a realty agency you can trust. Belvoir
If you're a private landlord who has a few buy-to-let properties available, then it is more than likely that at times you struggle to keep in touch with everything. With multiple tenancies on the go, and
Recent figures from property experts RightMove show that London's more elite boroughs, like C
It's no secret that the cost of living in London is extortionate, and particularly difficult to get onto the property ladder. With the recent figures being released that the UK population is at its highest number ever, the capital is experiencing
When it comes to renting a property in London, it is important to remember to keep aside some savings for a deposit. A lot of people only take into account the cost of rent per month and forget that a large sum of your
When it comes to selling your home, most people have two primary goals: to achieve the highest possible price, and
Online estate agents are still relatively new and many people are cautious of this method of property sales. However, there are plenty of reputable online estate agents, so there is no need for concern.
When it comes to selling your home, it's important to remove yourself from the equation and forget everything that you desire as a homeowner; emotional attachment can often leave you with a blind spot when it comes to decorating your property for
Dilapidations liability may not be a term you are familiar with but if you are tasked with finding an office in London, or
With the seemingly endless rises in energy prices
A report by the Telegraph has revealed how many Brits are lo
You'd be hard pressed to find any home owner who doesn't want to get as much money as they can when selling their home. Equally, it goes without saying that when we do want to sell, we do all we can to make our homes look appealing and interesting
This great infographic from HomeLet shows the links between rental costs and the London Underground.
The property market is a fast-moving game. Every month it seems there's a new hot spot and property investors just have to get in on it. Here's three London locations that used to be snubbed but are now in hot demand. Balham
There are so many ways to increase your property value and no doubt you'll have heard them all; curb appeal, landscape gardening, using neutral colours on your walls, and adding extensions such as conservatories or attic rooms. But when it comes t
Are you looking to make your first big move to owning your own home? Buying a property for the first time is a monumental moment in anyone's life. Along with other pivotal moments such as passing your driving test and getting married, home
The recent state of the economy has meant that more and more people are looking into buy to let ventures as a way of making their money go further. While this does have the potential to be a strong investment, it is not without risks. If y
Whether you're an old-school estate agency that's operated for decades in your locale or one of the thousands that's started in the last ten years, there's no doubting that the internet has revolutionised the way that people buy property in the UK
As a landlord, one of the biggest problems you will face is the dilemma of unpaid rent. This can be a financial nightmare, leaving you in the lurch until the debt is paid. Even if you carefully choose your tenants, taking extra care to ensure they
Owning a property in today's tough market is a daunting prospect for youngsters, and first-time house buyers are finding it harder to become part of the property ladder. Young people are facing the challenge of working for 20 years or more in orde
The buy-to-let market in the UK is booming at present, and there are several key reasons for this. The first is that the continual increases in property prices have forced some
There are many different factors to consider when buying or renting a property. To go with this stricter mortgage lending processes are about to be put in place. You need to consider the financial circumstances you find yourself in to decide wheth
Saga's home move survey, interviewed a total of 8,402 people. It revealed that 42% of over 50s find that 'everything but the kitchen
Statistics can often be misleading, and if you are looking for proof of this you should look no further than the current real estate market in the UK. With
Renting out a property for the first time can be a complicated affair, with so many rules and regulations to safeguard both the tenant and the landlord.  On top of all that, there is also the question of how to furnish a property, not only to
Britain is fast becoming a nation of renters. According to, the average age for UK residents to purchase their first property without parental help, is 37. People are renting in larger numbers and for longer than ever before,
Open houses are a peculiarly American phenomenon. However, as the UK slowly begins to recover from the recent housing market slump, increasing numbers of ordinary Brits are slowly warming to the idea of opening their houses to potential buyers on
The buy-to-let market in the UK has continued to prosper since the summer of 2013, thanks
Many people report moving house as one of the most stressful life experiences that they have ever undergone. However, there are plenty of ways to
There are many different reasons as to why a property may become temporarily unoccupied. The residence may be between occupants or the home could be undergoing some necessary renovations. Whatever the reason for this, it is important to re
Selling your home is a very stressful experience but this can be alleviated by preparing the ground work in advance similar to what is common to designing the décor
The housing affordability problems in the UK are affecting low to middle income families across the board. There is an extremely urgent need to increase the supply of housing options and although market rent is not a substitute for this growing pr
If you're looking to sell but have no property to move into, it can be incredibly hard to turn down an offer for your home. But, if the buyer isn't willing to wait endlessly for you to find a new home, what do you do? Well, this is undoubtedly an
Selling a property is hard at the best of times but when you are selling in the number one metropolis of the United Kingdom, things suddenly get a whole heap harder. The
As a landlord it is important that you feel like your property portfolio is under control, well managed and cared for by specialists who know exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve and can take steps to ensure that you are moving in the
One of the first decisions a landlord must make is whether to rent out a student property furnished or unfurnished. On one hand, as a Landlord, leaving your property unfurnished may seem like a stress free option as you don't have to source furnit
Although the UK housing market looks set to make a recovery in 2014, there are lots of things sellers can do to make sure they attract the right kind o
Whether you're looking to sell in 2014 or simply feel that your home could benefit from a fresh new look, there are plenty of inventive ways to boost the value of your property. Some of them will require a cash investment, while others will only t
Selling a property can be stressful especially when time isn't on your side. In today's economic climate, selling a property quick is rare but these tips will help you to speed up the sale process. Give your Home Kerb Appeal
The state of your garden can make or break a house sale. Those looking to sell can often overlook the garden as they focus on how the inside of the house will look to potential buyers. However, when friends move into new properties, the first thin
Choosing the right agent for your property is of great importance, as it can mean the difference betwee
Many people looking to get a foot on the property ladder will probably have a stumble at the start, and this is through trying to obtain a mortgage. Most aspiring home owners will initially go to a bank for a one size fits all
It used to be that finding a tenant for your property would be a bit of a nightmare, but with the rise of the internet over the last 15 years or so it has now become easy, simple and straightforward. This is because of the reach that the internet
If you think about how many electrical appliances you come into contact with on a daily basis then there is a good chance that this will be a high number, as we rely on electricity so much and particularly in our homes. Electricity is incredibly d
In most cases, buying a new home is a very lengthy procedure. If you're fortunate, maybe the whole process might take only a cou
For pretty much all non-homeowners, rent is a massive ongoing expense. So finding ways to reduce your rental costs by even the slightest margin, can have a considerable effect on your monthly finances. And with more money in your pocket, you can e
When you begin to think about selling your house and moving to another property the whole thing can seem like a bit of a daunting process with never ending tasks and so many different things to organise. The important thing to remember is to take
So, you've finally bought your new modern home and are ready to move into the property. While this is undoubtedly an exciting time it also throws up a fair few challenges and it can take some work to make your new house feel like a home. 
A one bedroom flat can be a great buy for investors looking to add to a buy-to-let portfolio, for professionals looking for space in the city, or for couples trying to get their foot on the ladder. If you are looking for a 1 bedroom flat in Sheffi
Recent figures taken from the West One Bridging Index revealed that in July and August of this year there was a total of £194 million in gross advances for short-term bridging loans. This was a record high for this type of lending an
Many homeowners have considered adding a conservatory to their property, whether that's to increase the amount of living space that they have available, to increase the value of their property, or to simply just add an extra room that allows them
Remodeling your kitchen can take a lot of time, money and effort. Your kitchen should be designed not only according to your personal taste or culture, but also according to the requirements of your family and functionality of your home. &
Buying a home is always a complex process full of potential difficulties, but making a property investment overseas can be even more complicated owing to issues such as the language barrier and lack of familiarity with local laws. Rather t
Whether you are selling or buying a flat, you'll be interested in one simple question: "Where to begin?" How to find an estate agent who will give you helpful advice? There's no need in looking for them anymore! If you've grown out of your current
Preparing your property for the rental market can be extremely simple and easy to do but is often overlooked. A few simple tasks or tweaks can be the difference between achieving the rental you desire or not. First Impressions: M
Belvoir Sheffield, the top performing Belvoir franchise in the country, will be branching into property sales after seve
When selling a home, it's a good idea for homeowners to make sure their home is in good shape for prospective buyers. But while there is plenty you ca
When you move into your first home, you'll want to make the space as comfortable and appealing as possible by decorating and adding your personal stamp to the place. Keep reading for some suggestions from
Being a landlord is, for most, the result of a deliberate decision to make investments with a view to making money through rental income and eventually, through cashing in on the asset. There are a few exceptions to this - the so-called
Do you want to enhance the chances of selling your home, while keeping costs to a minimum? Complete remodels, even for small rooms, can require a large investment. While the cost could turn out to be worth it, most remodelling projects would incre
When you are going about selecting a letting agent, be sure of the agent's reputation. Try finding a one who would market your property (or properties) professionally, and achieve the highest possible rental income for you. Here are few ti
Usually, we rely on two main criteria when deciding on an estate agent - the preference being either the one who offers a low commission, or one who offers a high valuation. However, you should always remember, that you shouldn't just select an ag
There's no better way to make your house feel inviting and cosy than by giving it a traditional look. Classic interiors are timeless and can be worked into any home, not just rural properties. And if you're looking to
Letting agents can often find themselves fighting an ongoing battle with the media about how they do business and manage tenants. Stories of cowboy operators and unscrupulous practices are commonplace in the news, leading to widespread calls from
Wood floors are a common feature of households all over the UK. Homeowners and those looking to buy are both attracted to their beauty and the wide variety of preferences. The species you select for your abode should complement the decor already r
Moving house can be a stressful experience in a variety of ways, and finding that your prized possessions have been damaged during the move can only add to the strain. Read on for Which Property Agent's guide to ensuring your belongings are undama
Once you decide on moving your house, you would want to tidy up your home for potential buyers, and to make your property presentable, so that it will sell- given the current market. Presentation is the key. Here are Which Property Agent M
Agents in the letting industry should necessarily meet the same standards as estate agents, enabling the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)to  place a ban those indulgent in "sharp practice", the Communities and Local Government Committee announced
The 2nd phase of the Help to Buy scheme "Open to all" starts next year. First phase (new homes only) Those looking at a mortgage on a 5% deposit, will be able to borrow up
To be a successful landlord, you need to keep your tenants happy. Having to continually replace tenants because they are unhappy and have moved in is expensive. Not only does it cost to advertise and get new people into your property, but also you
Property is still seen as one of the safest investments you can make with your money and rightly so - prices have been surprisingly resilient in the UK despite the country's ec
The South West has seen its highest house sales over the past three months, making it the highest level in the region for the past three and a half years. A research by the
Latest figures from the Land Registry state that the North East has see the greatest decline in prices as compared
Buying a house can be one of the most complicated and thrilling experiences of your life. After you’ve had your offer accepted, an inspection done, the mortgage finalised and set a date for the contract exchange, you are almost done. But not
When on the hunt for office space in London, you are going to want to figure out which area of the city you need to base yourself in so that you can attract a specific type of business or customer base. General tips on location are important to ta
London is home to some of the wealthiest people in the UK, with celebrities, sports stars and City traders all residing in the capital. As a result, a number of the most luxurious homes in the country can be located in the city, making some street
Manchester City Council has now chalked out a strategy, aimed at accelerating home building in order to handle the upcoming surge in population, expected in the coming 15 years. Population graphs point out the requirement of 55,000 new res
With more and more landlords coming into the buy-to-let market than ever before in recent years, the volume of casual or accidental operators without the sort of knowledge held by professionals is at an all-time high. However, while it can
Manchester was once renowned for being a gritty, no-nonsense, working class industrial town, but nowadays it is one of the most forward-thinking, cosmopolitan and vibrant cities in Europe. The staggering transformation of places like Salford Quays
The Government is being demanded of stringent action taken against certain "rogue" letting agents. Ms Champion put forth the fact that lettings agents, are ripping off clients, by charging sky high letting agent fees. A debate was organise
Property prices in London have gone up by an average of over £30,000 this year, say statistics from the website Rightmove, and is now easily through the half-a-million pound mark, at £515,243. It may seem a lot, but in some exceptional
Most believe that Britain will have, a generation of renters, beginning now, says a report. More than 4,000 people of the 8,000 interviewed by the Halifax, believed that renting will be the new buying, within the next generation. This is a
Thinking of letting your property? Be prepared! If you're considering letting your property then it can be a very rewarding and profitable venture. However, there are a numb
Thousands of people at the start of spring begin house-hunting season. It may be a contentious subject amongst the Property Industry but it's about the time of year when many people ponder over this million pound question: Why should you p
A campaign launched by Shelter, the housing charity, aims to end letting agents fees that can cost tenants over £700. Shelter engaged in a mystery shopping research involving 58 agencies across UK and the results were astounding! Pra
Managing Director of Which Property Agent James Eardley offers advice for landlords on the buy to let industry.  The buy-to-let industry is bursting
The housing market is gathering momentum. Proof?: House prices have surpassed records from the past two years, gaining their best annual increase. The value of properties raced up the graph in May, gaining a good 2.6% year-on-year to reach
The Labour Party makes a proposal that would help drive criminals out of the industry, alongside securing the taxing of landlords. Nearly half a million families and more than 100,000 pensioners are currently living in 'non-decent' private
Selecting a mortgage is one of the most significant financial decisions of one’s lifetime. James Eardley, Managing Director of estate comparison website
Homeowners who are planning to sell their house know how important it is to make a good impression on prospective buyers. In order to encourage the best possible opinion of a property, there are a few things to do in preparation for a sale - here is an exciting new website with a target audience of the 50s and above. Primarily focused on m
A new evaluation by the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme demonstrates that privately rented homes in London should benefit from improvement grants worth a minimal amount of £90m from energy companies in the next two years. Of course, it'
A Sheffield letting agent is warning its landlords that they should be choosing an agent who is part of both an ombudsman scheme and a part of a SAFEagent scheme, or they could be at risk.The lettings agent which has an office on Campo
What can YOU do to protect yourself against late or non payment of rent? Vital First Steps Before any tenancy is granted, make sure you follow these steps to protect you and
It is now possible to advertise to vendors and landlords who have property in specific postcode locations. As a member agent of Which Property Agent your branch gets exclusive discounted rates on ne puts the best agents in the UK in touch with property owners who are looking to instruct an agent to sell or manage their property. The comparison website presents landlord and vendors with the 4 most suitable agen
How much is my house worth?
As landlords increased the size of their portfolio to an average of 13.2 properties in the first quarter of this year, a letting agent in Sheffield is claiming that this indicates market stability.The new report from Paragon Mortgages
After a Sheffield based landlord was fined £17,000 after admitting endangering the lives of a family in one of her properties, a lettings agent in Sheffield is warning landlords to make sure they are aware of their legal responsibilities.
Manchester is unquestionably one of the most influential cities in the north of England. The world’s first industrial city has a population of over 480,000 and counting, including a mixture of students, professionals and tourists. There are
A letting agents in Sheffield is urging married couples who are in different income tax bands to look at how they s
Affordable rent, fantastic nightlife and some great sports clubs are just three reasons why more and more people are choosing to study in Leeds. Student housing is booming here, with plenty of good options close to the centre
For the DIY landlord, the prospect of renting out a property for the very first time can conjure nothing but anxiety and apprehension when you take into account the many horror stories doing the rounds about tenants turning bad! Now Which Property
Manchester is the third most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, and the most visited in England outside of
Leeds is one of the biggest districts in the UK. It stretches 15 miles east to west, and 13 miles north to south, with two
Is your branch looking for ways to gain more property instructions? Sign up here with Which Property Agent to get a
If you are looking to change your flooring solution in an attempt to bring the décor of your rental property up to
If you're renting out any number of properties, particularly to students or young professionals, it is an absolute certainty that you will need Landlord Insurance. Most people don't know that they need this specific type of insurance and will assu
Drawing up an inventory is an essential part of the process of letting a property. If you're new to the buy-to-let business, read on to find out why you should use inventories and how best to take advantage of them.
Estate agent comparison website Which Property Agent is offering agents a completely free vendor or landlord lead when they register their branch. There's no need to give any payment details, simply find your branch in the database, create
As a new survey indicates that Some 55 per-cent of private rented sector landlords are planning to expand their portfolios over the next six months, Belvoir Sheffield a leading
The Sheffield based property agent comparison website, , celebrated 12 months of
As superstitions run high at the start of 2013 with the ominous number '13', the chance of an asteroid in February and
Doncaster may not be one of the biggest areas in South Yorkshire, but it has plenty to offer for anyone looking to
It is no surprise Leeds is a popular choice for those looking to relocate. With a population of over 700,000, Leeds is
How much does it cost to move house? The cost of a property comprises a large portion, but the extra 'hidden' fees often catch unsuspecting new homeowners unawares. Legal fees,
There are many costs to think about when it comes to buying a home for the first time. The most obvious one is, of course, the house itself, but there are also lots of other charges you might not have thought about before. One of these is stamp du
As latest industry figures demonstrate that rents across England and Wales rose yet again, Sheffield letting agents Be
As the Chancellor George Osborne announced that there would be no new property tax for landlords yesterday, many landlords were breathing a sigh of relief, including Rick Flay, director of Belvoir Sheffield, a
If you've always dreamed of owning an authentic period property, I'm pretty sure the prospect of having a home with a thatched roof is something that will appeal to you. Obviously, you shouldn't expect to find these houses in the middle of cities,
Making sure that you know how to prepare your property for winter is key in helping prevent unnecessary costs or damage to your property. So joining us in this special winter proofing webTV show are key guest from different areas to help you brush
Renting out your property to holiday makers can be a lucrative business. Whether you have a holiday home, or you rent your actual home out when yo
Located in South Yorkshire, Doncaster is a large town with a population of around 250,000 people. With close links to major cities in the rest of South Yorkshire and beyond, it would be a mistake to assume the town doesn’t have a lot to offe
For a city of its size, it’s no wonder that it can be daunting when looking to buy a property to rent out in Birmingham. However, to make things easier, there are a number of areas and attractions which are in high demand. For a first time l
Show date: Tuesday 20th November  Show time: 15:30 As more and more young people are priced out of the property market, the private rental sector is booming. But as renting increasingl
As The Residential Landlords Association reports that the number of tenants in severe arrears has increased by 15 per-cent, Belvoir Sheffield a leading le
Recently, both Facebook and Google opened offices in London. There are a variety of reasons why the two companies made the move and what inspired the decision. Both of thes
If you are searching for a new office for your business, London is an option you're likely to consider - particularly if you are currently located close to or in the capital. Every area of London is a little bit different, which means your choice
Whatever your personal thoughts on social media, it is an incredibly useful tool that goes far beyond simply updating people about your social life and the sandwich you just ate. For businesses, it is a very worthwhile source of traffic to their s property news author Robin Stenson writes about how to add value to a home that’s for sale without empt
It can be a difficult job being a landlord of a rental property, especially if you're doing it for the very first time. There are hundreds of things to think about, but the following are the 5 things that Seton believes every landlord needs to hav
Property owners often assume that the value range attributed to their home by a local estate agent is intrinsically accurate. However, estate agents will rarely carry out a detailed property valuation. Their pricing is normally driven by a
Birmingham, the second biggest city in England, is famed for its diversity. As well as its eclectic mix of cultures, there
As new figures from the 2012 HomeLet Rental Index show that UK tenants are now paying more rent than ever before, with the average cost of renting a home increasing to £806 a month, Belvoir Sheffield, a
Buying-To-Let popularly hailed as an alternative to badly performing pension funds was slowed down by a recession that squeezed mortgage deals and discouraged housing investment, but a reviving market is now generating more attractive mortgages, s
Real estate markets are somewhat unpredictable in the long term, which is one reason that it is always prudent for property owners to keep their homes in good shape at all times. Even if you own a home that you have no intention of selling, the be
As new figures indicate that despite buy to let lending riding high and a fifth of landlords wanting to buy more homes to rent out before the end of the year, it seems more than half of landlords are still finding mortgages difficult to obtain.&nb
With a vibrant nightlife, over 40,000 students in the city and an eclectic mixture of arts, entertainment and business at the heart of Bristol, the buy to let market is rich with opportunity for landlords. From street artist such as Banksy, to ban
As the Government wants to open up build to let by relaxing planning and tax restrictions,  Belvoir Sheffield, a letting agent in Sheffield invest
The capital of Wales and one of the biggest cities in the South West of the UK, Cardiff, has many opportunities for those looking to rent out property. Combining a vibrant student community along with in demand areas for those both looking for per
Log on to our live and interactive WebTV show where we go through the issues facing landlords when it comes to student lets and answer all your questions live Show date: Thursday 30th AugustShow time: 7pm
Looking for a family home is a very different procedure to buying a city apartment with your friends or partner. Suddenly, good schools, outdoor space and leisure facilities are important - and this is why so many people flock to Kent with their g
Whether you consider yourself a landlord or not, if you collect money in exchange for someone staying in a property you own, you are a landlord.As a landlord you want to know the best way to let a property. Being a landlord doesn&rsquo
Selling a house is one of the largest financial transactions that most people carry out during their lifetime and so it is vital that they choose an estate agent that has a good estate agent
One of the most popular destinations in the south west of the UK, Cardiff, has plenty to offer for those looking to live in the city. The capital Wales is thriving for both tourist attractions and business opportunities, so it is no wonder many pe
Thinking of putting your house up for rent? If so, a letting agent will view your property and will try to make it as marketable as possible. They might suggest the use of safety signs if: You want
Before committing yourself to becoming a landlord, make sure you have considered seriously whether you are willing to deal with the problems which may arise such as tenants who do not pay their rent or damage your property. You need to ensure that
Local landlords in Sheffield are being urged by a leading letting agent in Sheffield to carry out a new type of risk assessment on their properties &nd
Like any major city in the UK, Sheffield is an attractive place for landlords to buy property in order to rent out. With two large universities and easily accessible transport links, there are many areas which are in high demand by both students a
From its lively city centre to its proximity to the Peak District, Sheffield is a vibrant city with lots to offer. For those who are interested in buying or selling property in Sheffield, it is important to know vital information in regards to the
The UK rental market saw a 6.34 percent increase in the number of properties advertised between January and March 2012 compared with the same period last year, figures which will have a very positive effect on the private rented sector.
New statistics from the National Landlords Association (NLA) indicate that an overwhelming 79 per-cent of tenants
Let's face it; most of us are not qualified engineers or Gas Safe Register approved professionals - but that doesn't mean we can't look after our central heating. A warm house is very important, so here are four common issues and how to solve them
Don’t get stung by your inventory Advice on inventories, deposits and contracts you can’t afford to miss. Web TV show:Show date: Thursday 21st June 2012  Show time:  11.30am
It is not difficult to see why Sheffield is a popular destination. Situated in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is within touching distance of major cities such as Leeds
As new research from the BDRC Continental Independent Landlords Panel Survey found that more than one in four private landlords don’t owe anything on their rental properties and are making a full time living out of property investment.
A leading letting agent in Sheffield, has backed the findings of a new report indicating that one in ten tenants are renting without a proper tenancy a
Mike Farley, group chief executive of Persimmon Homes will discuss the evolution of the average British home as well as answering your questions on the home of the future, with a focus on green technologies.
The housing market in the UK is one of the most active in Europe, both for those living within and looking to move, or those entering from foreign countries. However, the cost of getting a foot on the property ladder is also extremely high, which
Watch our live show and learn how you can save up to £4,000 a year by learning a few simple home maintenance techniquesShow date: Tuesday 15th MayShow time: 3pm
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Belvoir Lettings Sheffield, a leading estate agents in Sheffield is proud to announce the launch of the company’s
A national campaign is set to benefit tenants and landlords in Sheffield by calling for all private landlords and tenants in the region to ensure that their money is SAFE by choosing a local letting agent which is part of a Client Money Protection
Following the prosecution of a landlord who falsified gas safety documents after a leak was found at his property, Belvoir Sheffield, a letting agent in Sheffield is warning landlords that if they fail to adhere to the regulations, they could end
Approximately 1.5 million Britons have no home insurance, according to recent research. In the event of a fire, or burglary, they may end up with nothing. Still more UK residents have home insurance which is far more expensive than they need, with
With the hundreds of things which need to be done when selling a home, the most important aspect can sometimes be overlooked. Despite being fairly obvious, it’s surprising how many people don’t pay enough attention to the most crucial
With buy-to-let rents expected to rise by 20 per-cent in the next five years as demand continues to outstrip supply, Rick Flay, director at Belvoir Sheffield, a leading
One of the most common questions asked by private landlords is the current economic climate is ‘What should I do if my tenant leaves without notice before the tenancy comes to an end?’It comes as no surprise that as job sec
Years ago, when someone wanted to sell their house, the only option they had was to visit an estate agents in order to initiate contact. There would be no option available to hire an
So, you’ve decided to sell your house, and you are considering the best route to take to get the best deal possible. The
Mortgage lenders indicated that more should be invested into the buy to let market this week, something echoed by Rick Flay of Belvoir Lettings, a leading
It seems that today, anything you can think of doing can be done via the internet, and this is no different when it comes to wanting to sell your property
The majority of house owners won’t give a second thought to hiring an estate agent to assist them when selling their property. However, because this is the common thing to do, it does not mean that it is the necessarily the best option for y
As a landlord, it can sometimes feel like you are forever running errands, carrying out checks or simply being on call for your tenants without any break. If you do feel like this is the case, there are many property rental services on offer which
The decision to become a landlord and begin renting out property isn’t an easy decision, and it can be even more daunting following the realisation of how much work is required to rent out successfully. If the idea of renting is attractive,
Celebrity homes are undeniably out of this world, however they are also undeniably extremely expensive. Way beyond the reach of most of us noncelebrity type folk, we would have to work a whole year probably just to buy one couch or a coffee table.
Although it is more common for owners to attempt a quick sell, it is not uncommon for landlords to attempt to rent out your property quickly, in order to start the process of receiving a monthly income. The time consuming issues which may be faced
Knowing how to sell your property quickly, especially for the first time, often tends to conjure up images of a lengthy transaction which may take months to complete. Whilst this may be the case in some circumstances, being involved in a time cons
While commercial property is still suffering from economic uncertainty around the globe, real estate markets are looking much steadier. The Jones Lang LaSalle Global Office Index, which mo
Opening your homes to strangers can be seen as risky business, but more and more people in the UK are choosing to swap their flats or houses to save money on holidays in 2012. According to a report in the Guardian, the appeal of
As the number of accidental and private landlords looks set to rise throughout 2012, Rick Flay, leading letting agent in Sheffield is outlining why those new to the ma
Renting out a property is a big responsibility that requires time and dedication. You should provide a save and habitable dwelling for your tenants to enjoy and should
‘It’s better to be safe than sorry’, was the message from Belvoir Sheffield, a leading
As the Government aims to implement some changes to tenant deposit legislation, allowing landlords and letting agents to file the deposit within 30 days of receipt, Rick Flay, director at Belvoir Sheffield, h
A leading letting agent in Sheffield, has today announced that landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) are becoming increasingly important, after an
As proposed changes to the tax system look set to have repercussions on landlords with empty homes, Belvoir Sheffield, a letting agents in Sheffield
Growth in the private rented sector The Government wants to attract institutional investment in private homes for rent. Only 1 per cent of residential stock in the UK is owned by institutions, compared with around 10–15 per cent in
This week I have been talking to landlords about the benefits of letting a property out either furnished or unfurnished, and it seems that many landlords, especially those new to the residential property market are finding it a bit of a minefield.
As the rental market continues to thrive, with the demand for rented accommodation remaining exceptionally high, the number of people considering investing in a property to rent out has increased, according to a leading
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New figures from ARLA’s have found that the number of lettings agents who are finding that they have more tenants than properties has reached the highest level since records began.  In light of this new information, Belvoir Sheffield, a
As rental income has increased for the third consecutive quarter, more than a third of landlords (34%) have increased rent levels across their property portfolio in quarter three, compared to 29% i
If you're a first-time landlord, you'll probably have lots of questions about how best to protect your investment. Landlord insurance should be the top of any landlord's list, as it could help cover you financially if things fail to run smoothly w
In light of recent news reports that one Darlington based landlord took six months to evict a nuisance tenant after his property was left vandalized almost beyond repair, Rick Flay of Belvoir Sheffield, one of the
One day you may decide to sell on your rented property, however, just because you want to sell your property, it doesn't mean your job as a landlord is over. There are a few things that ne
Tenants in Sheffield can rest easy knowing their money is ‘SAFE’ and sound, as Belvoir Sheffield, one of the leading letting agents in Sheffie
In a country typified by the privacy of the picket fence and privet hedge, we often consider our home to be our castle. The idea of renting out our property to people we don’t know isn’t immediately appeali
How do you choose the right estate agent when you’re moving home? Do you plump for the nearest one? Are you swayed by the recommendations of friends and neighbours, or do you have several valuations and opt for t
Although it is common for people to sell property when moving on to a new house there is also the option of letting the former property or house. This can provide certain advantages and be simpler than putting the pro
Selling your house is considered by many to be one of the most stressful things you can do but is it actually as bad as we think? How stressful the process is all depends on how it is approached and carried out. One
When you want to move home you have to decide whether you want to sell your property or rent it out. This decision raises a number of questions and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to know what the stabilit
Belvoir Sheffield, one of the leading letting agents in Sheffield is advising new buy-to-let investors that rental yields are crucial to measuring their success and n
All residential properties being advertised on the rental property market must have an EPC with effect from 1st October 2008. EPCs, or Energy Performance Certificates as is their full name, came about as part of the now defunct HIP (Home Informati
Letting a home privately can be a daunting task which requires a lot of work. Letting properties as an investment and still working fulltime means that you'll have to keep up with your tenants' demands and also maintain the property which ca
Buying to let used to be a risky business in the face of archaic laws that went without review for a considerable time. Tenants had a great amount of power over their landlords but that balance of power was redressed with the introduction of th
Decorating a property for rental isn't tricky. But if not done right first time then landlords and letting agents could incur more expense and hassle than th
As new data from the English Housing Survey (EHS) shows a sharp rise in the number of people renting privately in the last five years, Belvoir Sheffield, one of the leading
As the regulation of the lettings industry continues to be a source of controversy, and with growth predicted to escalate over the coming years, Belvoir Sheffield, the leading
With rising rents in the private sector, low-income households and families reliant on housing benefit are finding it increasingly difficult to secure affordable and adequate housing in the private rented sector.  With 4.5 million
Over the last year the government has announced significa
Selling a house can be a difficult process so you need to ensure you give your property the best chance of being snapped up by a potential buyer. One of the most important and underestimated things the vendor can do to help sell their house and ma
To make sure that you give your house the best possible chance of selling, you need to asses and define how each room in the house can best be utilised and decorate and arrange it for that purpose. Property expert and TV favourite
When you’re putting your house on the market it’s a good idea to assess the property to see whether there’s anything you can do to freshen it up and make it look more appealing to potential buyers. Be
Selling and buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will do in your life as your home
In order to achieve the maximum sal
How to get more properties to sell is a challenge faced by many estate agents. Gaining new vendor instructions can now be achieved thanks to your agency's quality of service rather than the size of your advertising budget. Which Property A
It used to be that if a letting agent or property management company needed more properties to manage or let they had to attract landlords by purchasing  landlord lists for their chosen geographical areas and then spend the time and effort to
Many landlords have used a letting agent to let or manage a property at some point, and even more landlords will also tell you how difficult it is to know if the letting agent you are choosing is the right one to use for your property. There are t
Choosing the best estate agent to sell your house can be a difficult task. Selling your house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your adult life, so it is extremely important to select an estate agent who has your best inte
The UK’s first ever comparison website of estate and letting agents has arrived! For years, choosing the best agent to sell or let your property was a nightmare. Which one to choose? On paper they all seem the same but which estate a


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