Register your Property Management Company, Estate Agent or Letting Agent

Register your Property Management Company, Estate Agent or Letting Agent

Are you an estate agent or letting agent that has exceptionally high standards of service?

Does the high demand for your stock mean that you require more properties to sell and let?

If the answer is "YES" then Which Property Agent can supply you with vendors and landlords who have had your branch recommended to them as the best agent for their property.

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What exactly does Which Property Agent do?

Which Property Agent allows vendors and landlords to enter the details of the property they want to sell or let into our website and we then present them with the four best agents to sell or let that particular property. The vendor or landlord chooses which of the four agents they want to contact, and the selected agent/s are sent the enquiry.

How does Which Property Agent decide which agents are best for each property?

Which Property Agent using a complex algorithm to determine which four estate or letting agents are most suited to sell or let a particular property type, in a particular area, for a particular purpose.

Agents are rated by their customers, people who have used them in the past to sell or let a property.

Agents are rated on 5 to 6 criteria (depending on sale or let) for actual properties they have sold or let/managed in the past. Based on these ratings, Which Property Agent's algorithm then determines which agents are best for a particular property type in a particular area. Each criteria is differently weighted based on what is most important to an property owner when selecting an agent.

Being a member of an accredited body also improves the chances of an agent appearing in the top four results.

Users are presented with the top four agents for their property and they can choose up to three of the four to contact. Contacted agents then pay for receiving that enquiry - the price of that lead depends on whether the user chose to contact one, two or three agents.

How much does it cost?

Which Property Agent sends only the most suitable agencies for a particular property, quality enquiries from vendors and landlords, who are looking for simply the best agent to sell or let out their house.

We operate on a pay per lead service, so you only pay when you have received an enquiry and your first lead is free for any agent that registers to receive enquiries. No payment details are needed to receive the free lead:

We are so confident in the quality of the enquiries we send, agents don't need to register a payment method until after they have received their first free lead. Agents then register a payment method if they want to continue to receive leads from us.

Agents can get two free leads if they add a "Recommended on Which Property Agent" banner to their website (banners can be found once logged in to the agent admin area).

After the free lead, the cost per lead is as follows:

Type 1. Lead from Landlord or Vendor with Single Property to Let or Sell
Lead sent to 1 agent = £20 + VAT
Lead shared between 2 agents = £6.50 + VAT each
Lead shared between 3 agents = £4 + VAT each

Type 2. Lead from Landlord or Vendor with 2 or More Properties to Let or Sell
Lead sent to 1 agent = £30 + VAT
Lead shared between 2 agents = £10 + VAT each
Lead shared between 3 agents = £6 + VAT each

(All agents pay the same price. Users cannot go back and contact another agent for a particular property once the enquiry has been sent and paid for by the chosen agents)

Are agents in control of the enquiries they receive?

Yes. Agents, you choose the type, location and size of property you want leads for, the level of service and who they're from i.e. vendors or landlords.

Agents, you choose how much you want to spend each week on leads.

There is no contract so agents can take advantage of the service as and when they require more properties to sell or to let / manage.

Will potential customers be able to see an agent's negative ratings?

NO. There is NO risk for agents registering with the site, they can only gain from the experience: Users of the site (landlords and vendors), can only see the ratings for the agents that appear in the top four results, in which case their ratings will be good if they're appearing in the results. Users cannot use Which Property Agent to post malicious ratings/reviews for an agent for the world to see. At the end of the day, ratings for agents who are not in the top four don't need to be seen by the therefore, they can't be seen.

How do agents know that the ratings left for their agency are genuine?

Which Property Agent does all that it can to ensure that ratings left for an agent are from genuine vendors or landlords who have used that agent to sell or let a property in the past. We take fraudulent ratings very seriously and severe penalties are in place for any person or agent found leaving fake ratings, either positive or negative, and either directly or indirectly.

IP addresses and email addresses are recorded and tracked so suspicious usage patterns can be flagged, investigated and the rating removed.

Contact details are recorded for anyone leaving a rating, so if found to be fraudulent they can be reprimanded.

Agents receive notification that they have been rated on Which Property Agent, and they get to confirm or deny that they have dealt with the property in question, before the rating is added to their branch.

Agents can gain "verified" ratings. Our "verified" ratings carry more weight in our algorithm, making it increasingly difficult for agents without high "verified" ratings to appear in the top four results; so even if fake positive ratings have slipped our other security checks, over time those dishonest agents become obsolete in our results. A rating is "verified" once it is left by a user of our site, as we can then be sure that the agent has dealt with the property in question. Which Property Agent rewards agents who provide our users with a consistently high standard of service.

If an agent suspects that one of their ratings is fake it can be flagged and investigated by Which Property Agent.

Still got questions?

We hope we have answered most of your concerns about our exciting new service but if you do have any other questions, first of all visit our FAQ page as this may have the question and answer you're looking for. If you would then still like to chat to a member of the team before you register we'd be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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